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Return & Exchange

Our Return & Exchange Policy applies only to merchandise purchased on our website firstbrew.sg. Any First Brew products purchased through third parties are not covered under this Return & Exchange Policy.

We reserve the right to accept or change the date of collection or delivery of your purchase due to reasons such as the unavailability of any products or delivery slots, an error in the price of the product or service or an error in your order. As there may be reasons why we cannot fulfill your order, your purchase is confirmed upon payment and you will be notified through an email confirmation.

Once acceptance of the order has been confirmed, no cancellations nor refunds will be allowed.

However, do get in touch with us at team@firstbrew.sg if the item is not in its perfect condition or the wrong product upon receipt with the following step:

To refund/replace products after delivery, due to damage or quality issues after investigation, We will reply to your email as soon as we can, within 3 working days. Kindly note that refunds would take up to 21 working days to be processed and are subject to your credit card’s billing cycle. Replacement of products would take up to 14 working days to be processed, subject to the investigation period required.

Requirements for refund & exchange:

1. Email us at team@firstbrew.sg with the relevant email subject as follows;

[ Defective Item – Order xxxxxx ] - attach a photo and video of the spoilt product(s)  (eg.. Pouring out the beverage to show "curding")

[ Wrong Item – Order xxxxxx ] - attach a photo of the wrong item.

2. Proof of purchase (No more than 2 weeks)

3. Batch number of product for testing (Printed on the product)

Do note that as many of our products require refrigeration below 4°C, First Brew will not be liable for spoilt products due to consumers' negligence with their storage method.

Examples of incidents of wrong storage methods:

  • Products stored in the wine chiller ( above the recommended temperature )
  • Overstuff refrigerator (difficult for air to circulate and keep the items cold at below 4°C)
  • Did not remove products from the cooler bag. Placed products in the cooler bag and store in the refrigerator. ( Cold temperature unable to reach the products )
  • Forgot to place the products in the refrigerator below 4°C immediately after received, left the products outside for a prolonged period of time.